Our Mission

Samoor Grotto was granted their Charter on December 2, 1952 with a headquarters city of Sarasota. Legendary local Masons were the first principal officers: Maloy Turbeville, C. Allen Pattison and George Boston. Samoor has operated continuously since that founding while adapting to changing times in that there have been more or less members, we have owned buildings or rented space and had various units but we have never stopped our core mission, that is, to welcome Masons from all lodges, to have fun with Masons and their families and to do good work for the community.


Enchanted Lanterns Count


Fun N' Games

Having Fun Together!

The Fun N’ Games Unit is about getting together with friends and family members and having fun. We play board games, group games, and card games. 


Enjoying Nature!

The camper’s unit is a mixed unit that includes Grotto members, their families, friends, and any invited guest. Our meetings are the last Friday of the month where we enjoy a potluck dinner and good fellowship. 

The Grotto was founded in 1889 in Hamilton Lodge No. 120 in New York as the brainchild of Bro. Leroy Fairchild. He and other Masons wanted a fun organization that could involve brothers from many lodges and work for the common good. To this day a special charity at Supreme Council is called "Leroy's Boys". The black fez sets us apart and is our trademark.